Great Naval Battles of the Ancient Greek World

Great Naval Battles of the Ancient Greek World

Naval warfare is the unsung hero of ancient Greek military history, often overshadowed by the more glorified land battles. Owen Rees looks to redress the balance, giving naval battles their due attention. This book presents a selection of thirteen naval battles that span a defining century in ancient Greek history, from the Ionian Revolt and Persian Invasion to the rise of external naval powers in the Mediterranean Sea, such as the Carthaginians.

Each battle is set in context. The background, wider military campaigns, and the opposing forces are discussed, followed by a narrative and analysis of the fighting. Finally, the aftermath of the battles are dealt with, looking at the strategic implications of the outcome for both the victor and the defeated. The battle narratives are supported by maps and tactical diagrams, showing the deployment of the fleets and the wider geographical factors involved in battle. Written in an accessible tone, this book successfully shows that Greek naval warfare did not start and end at the battle of Salamis.


“A quick and informative read. It is the type of book that makes one think of how one would have coped in similar situations . . .  [A] good way to take one’s mind off the day-to-day minutia of modern life, and to think about how naval battles were fought two and a half thousand years ago. Go for it!” Australian Naval Institute

“Well written, without jargon, and is thus an extremely good introduction for the novice. As such, I recommend it unreservedly.” Society of Ancients

“To put is bluntly, this book is solid, well-organized, and very thorough… Highly recommended” The Maritime History Podcast

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