Busy, busy, busy

As I predicted, my blog has become rather quiet as of late; apologies! I have been winding down my freelance work to focus on my books and PhD, so there has been little time for things like this.

Anyway, a quick update. A joint article has come out which pits myself against Dr. Jason Crowley, tackling the PTSD in Ancient Greece debate. I’m particularly pleased with this one, not just for the content, nor for the privilege of sharing the page with one of the foremost experts on the topic, but also because the editors of AW re-arranged their templates to pose both arguments side by side giving it the real feel of a debate. It was left open for conclusions, as the point was to make people come up with their own, which hopefully it has done. I have since had an article published on Ancient Greek military homecomings, and another on the campaigns of Brasidas in the Peloponnesian War.

Once I have completed my last article, which is a debate piece concerning the ineptitude or ingenuity of Greek sieges, I will have time to work more on my second book which will be a companion/follow up to my first. Great Battles is with the typesetter at the moment and is available to pre-order, for those so inclined (excuse the shameless plug). And, while Great Naval Battles of the Ancient Greek World is not as far along as I had hoped at this stage, it is certainly a lot of fun to write, and should be out the end of next year.

So other than that I am giving a few papers through the year; one in Gothenburg, on Greek siege-craft, which I am very excited about, and another in London, on classical Greek military departure scenes, which I will post about again soon I think.


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