Change, change and change some more

Book being read: T. Dawson, Armour Never Wearies, (Stroud, 2013)

New article out: O.Rees, Clearchus the War-Lover, Ancient Warfare Magazine (VII.5)

As is so often the case in most of our lives – change is afoot once more! Just as we start to settle into a subtle humdrum, a bumbling melody that is our life rhythm; having made sense of the last change and not yet giving way to thoughts of the next one, it seems change has reared its head once more.

The timing is apt nonetheless, at a time when I have been struggling with the idea of continuing to persevere with historical work (outside of a bit of bedtime reading and drunken arguments with my mate Ali), a small email arrived not 2 months ago from my editor at Ancient Warfare magazine with a proof copy of an upcoming article about the Spartan Clearchus. Seeing my work in print on Clearchus gave a small spark to a much dwindling fire inside, it must be said. But when in the middle of December I came back from a funeral in Dublin to see an email from a highly regarded publisher of military history asking if I would like to write a book for them – that small spark has become fully ignited once more.

Hence much change is afoot. I have just set up the loft to become a little haven for the literary juices to flow, although with the temperature constantly dropping they may have to thaw out first. We have found a small nursery from M.D. to go in one day a week and Gus (the dog) is happy if he is allowed on our bed during my time in the loft – so all in all, we seem to be managing.

The book will be on Great Ancient Greek Battles so I have started compiling a list of those I hope to include and I have also started planning my research trip to Greece! Finally, I will get to see mainland Greece for the first time. I can’t wait. My wife and M.D. are also coming so it will be a nice family affair where I drag them to the middle of nowhere, stare out across an empty field and proclaim to nobody listening “This is where the battle of *insert battle here* was fought . . . possibly!”. It’s going to be great!

So just to let you know, more as a warning than anything else, this blog may become a bit of a place for me to throw around ideas for the book(s) and the trip whilst I attempt to become focussed. As always, any questions – feel free to drop me an email, I am back online.

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