100 Great breads?

Well, you may have noticed a lack of blog postings recently. This is due to a lack of time combined with a lack of enthusiasm for my project. It is never nice when this occurs but there are times when you have to make a tough decision to let something drop. To that end I can tell you that I will no longer be trying to make these 100 breads in one year. The recipes were too similar, the breads themselves were not very enjoyable to make/write about/eat and, ultimately, it was getting boring.

So, rather than waste time forcing myself to do that I shall move on.

Right now we have an article for Ancient Warfare Magazine in its last editorial phase before publication in November. This is on the Spartan general, Clearchus, and his life story before Xenophon’s biography of him in his Anabasis. I am also in talks with a paper in the U.S. who target Welsh-Americans as an audience. I am trying to get a regular column writing about traditional and historic Welsh food (a new interest of mine that has grown from this bread challenge). So much change is afoot, made all the more slow by the ever increasing speed by which M.D. is running amok around the house! Walking seems to now be a thing of the past, she just runs everywhere now.

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