The silence is over

Book being read: J. Crowley, “The Psychology of the Athenian Hoplite” (Cambridge, 2012)

Right, I have finished restructuring and I am now back in the full flow of historical work – thanks for your patience! Since my last post I have re-enrolled as a PhD student, left my job as a researcher exposing fake universities and bogus qualifications, become a full time stay at home Dad, had an article published for Medieval Warfare Magazine, been asked to write a book review for a German academic journal (hence what I am reading) and I am now, four months later, under control once again.

What has been nice are the enquiries I still get from scholars and students alike showing that the silence of the blog has not sent the website into obscurity. If you see anything that you want to know more about, read something you want to discuss or just want to say hello to a fellow historian feel free to get in touch. I never turn down the opportunity to network and as my PhD years come to an end, I am told it is a strong network that is most likely to aid my job seeking so . . . better get started on that!

The only other thing I want to bring to your attention in this, short, blog is a summer school I will be attending as a student this year held at University College London. It was time I took a crash course in Ancient Greek I think.

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