Busy, busy, busy

Book being read: None at the moment, too busy! Have been listening to this podcast though: www.irishhistorypodcast.ie

As the winter draws nearer I, like many others, choose to spend less and less time outside. This has the unfortunate repercussion of becoming more and more bored. To combat this I often find the end of the year is when I take on the most projects – hence busy, busy, busy.

The blog has thus suffered, firstly due to my need to adapt to the new role in life I have been given (i.e. fatherhood) and now because of how busy I am during the cold months. From writing a new article for Medieval Warfare Magazine, research for the work Ali and I did in Ireland and a new project I have taken on which is all very hush-hush . . . well not really, but if it fails it will help my pride that very few people knew about it!

I am working with a friend from the local Sikh community to compile an oral history library for the Gurdwara (Sikh temple). Originally this was a small project, one camera, few hours’ film – keep it simple. This has become impossible to keep small, so I will have to make it a lot larger than originally planned. This means funding applications, teams of volunteers, archiving of data, translators, transcribers, museum exhibitions, etc. I have taken the view, the bigger the better! I may keep a blog diary of the efforts, for anyone interested in how an oral history project gets started. Whether it works or fails, it could be of use to someone.

Anyway, back to work . . .

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