Irish Tour

Book being read; F. Cannan, Galloglass 1250-1600: Gaellic Mercenary Warrior

After a brilliant, and very wet, research trip to Pilleth in Wales my eyes have become firmly set on the trip to Ireland in a few weeks time. The Glyn Dwr article is written and submitted, an article about using ‘Homer as a Source’ which I did for Ancient Warfare Magazine is now out and I have begun work on a book review (note the book above) for Medieval Warfare Magazine.

So as the projects have come to an end, or are certainly coming to an end, I thought to myself why not sort out Ireland? So the tickets are booked, the car is hired, Ali the Archaeologist is on board, and now to sort out the tour. The map will coming to blog near you soon.

As is inevitable when one from an Irish family, such as myself, declares he’s off to Ireland, I have found family falling out of the woodwork much to my surprise and appreciation, offering places to stay and castles to see. I have no doubt this trip, which is only a week long . . . for the whole of Ireland? why not, will be an adventure. The trip will be a tour of early medieval castles, looking at how they changed from the south Wales prototypes into a uniquely Irish manifestation. And if there’s time, and even if there isn’t, we shall be beginning work on another project called the best pint in Ireland; I have high hopes for this one!

Just a short blog today, much to do, much to do.

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