2011 and into 12!

Books being read: Jamie’s Great Britain!  That’s right, not a history book!

It has been just over a year since I set up this website and I thought I’d have a look at the stats.

1,392 visits of which 882 are unique visitors – I don’t know 882 people so that is exciting!

The most popular blog has been Semonides poem on Women, not a big surprise (but as it is only half the poem I may have to put it up in full next year.)

The country which spends the longest looking at the site in each visit is New Zealand (?) at 4 minutes 22, followed closely by Estonia and Spain (??)

It seems I must thank friend and artist Ben Mills who gives me the 4th most amount of traffic after google, direct traffic and facebook.

The busiest day of traffic was during the student protests, not really sure why but it was.

And 36% of traffic are returning visitors so thank you for that.

Anyway that’s enough self-indulgence.  It has been a time of busy work with the Berserker article in its final editing with Medieval Warfare Magazine and it looks very flash with the new illustrations.  There is also an article being written on how to use Homer’s poems as historical sources, including the common pitfalls in using him; that comes out next year for Ancient Warfare Magazine.  My latest thesis chapter is under review from my supervisor, which if all is well will be being finalised for the PhD upgrade in November. Finally I have been asked to give a paper at the Classical Associations Conference in Exeter on new research methods in Ancient Military History with some fellow PhD students from UCL.  This takes us to April. It should be an exciting new year indeed.

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