AMPAH 2011

I have just returned from the Annual Meeting of Postgraduates of Ancient History held this year at UCL.  I was fortunate enough to chair two panels, one on Greek Warfare (a position I was not initially going to have but thanks to some diplomacy I got it!) and one on Ancient Economy (I was not excited about this one).  Both went very well and all the papers were interesting in scope as well as approach.  It was nice to network with new postgraduates and it seems many more conferences are being discussed which is all very exciting.

There is not much more to say on the day other than it went smoothly and who knew Ancient Economics was so controversial!  I thought it might end in blows!  Or else some very nasty words (they are historians after all).

At the conference I also raised the idea that maybe Ancient History should broaden its horizons and embrace new mediums, such as the internet, maybe even use blogs . . . it did not go down well.  Oh well.

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