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Ancient PTSD Again, and again and again.

I think I should just give up and call this my Ancient PTSD blog! It is that time of year again when someone posts an idea which links modern PTSD with ancient experiences. However, there is a growing trend that … Continue reading

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(Review) Paul Archer & Johno Ellison, It’s on the Meter (Summersdale Publishing, 2016)

Another review! But, unlike my usual reviews, this one is not about a history book but, indeed, a travel/adventure/endurance book. I knew one of the authors (Paul Archer) from our schooldays together, so I was intrigued by this project of … Continue reading

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(Review) Ben Hubbard, The Samurai: Swords, Shōguns and Seppuku, (The History Press, 2014) Pages: 156                           ISBN: 978-0-7509-5589-8 A book that claims to offer a “complete, concise account of samurai history and culture” in just under 160 pages is either purposefully … Continue reading

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(Review) James Waterson, Defending Heaven: China’s Mongol Wars 1209-1370, (Frontline Books, 2013)

I have decided to add a ‘book review’ section to my blog because, well, I get asked to write a lot of book reviews! So here’s one to start it off which I particularly enjoyed reading: (Review) James Waterson, Defending … Continue reading

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Busy, busy, busy

As I predicted, my blog has become rather quiet as of late; apologies! I have been winding down my freelance work to focus on my books and PhD, so there has been little time for things like this. Anyway, a … Continue reading

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