About Me

P1010682I am an historian educated at the universities of Reading and Nottingham. I work as a freelance writer, regularly contributing to publications specializing in ancient and medieval warfare. I am also an historian and editor for the digital magazine My History Digest, and was formerly an assistant editor at SPARTA: Journal of Ancient Spartan and Greek History. Currently, I am finalising my first book: Great Battles of the Classical Greek World, which is due out in June 2016, and writing the companion volume: Great Naval Battles of the Ancient Greek World, due out in 2018/19. When I am not doing this I am working towards my PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University.

My specific research interest lies in the transition of soldiers from civilian life to the battlefield and back again, including all the psychological and sociological problems that arise from this. Most recently I am working on the concept of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and how it can, or cannot, be used in Ancient History. More broadly I specialise in the ancient Greek world and its wide array of various cultures.

Whilst the academic pursuit of history is a fun challenge, I am most contented when I am popularizing the ancient and medieval worlds for people new to the topic. I love bringing to life the sounds, smells, colours and characters from the dusty pages of the past and sharing them with more and more people.

To see where I’m speaking next go to: http://ucl.academia.edu/OwenRees/Talks