First Acdemic Publication

Book being read: Maund, K., Nanson, P., The Four Musketeers: the true story of D’artagnan, Porthos, Aramis & Athos, (Stroud, 2005)

I suppose history, like any career, is full of ups and downs. For me today I have experienced a high, my first ever publication in an academic journal. And, what’s more, it has been published in a German journal (I know what you’re thinking, oooooooooooo!). Like most scholars’ first publications, this is a book review. I reviewed a very interesting book by Jason Crowley on the ‘psychology’ of the Athenian hoplite. You can read the review here and also any other articles from this edition that takes your fancy! My article is in English, do not be put off by all of the German if you cannot read it; just scroll down and find the review of Jason Crowley.

Tomorrow I am going into London once more, to lead a mini seminar of fellow ancient military history researcher students (that description just kept going, didn’t it?). We will be discussing Crowley’s book; most probably with the arrogant vigour that overcomes research students when analysing other peoples work. It can become quite tiresome to sit through so, to liven it up, I may start disagreeing with anything being said just to kick off a more lively discussion.

These seminars are always interesting to observe, as well as take part in, because of the personal dynamics involved. Some of us are shy, academic types who don’t like to take control of a discussion; others of us enjoy our limelight; some are used to being the smartest in the group and so struggle with a group of peers; others are used to being told to be quiet and so don’t talk a great deal. It is all very elucidating; I wonder which of these headings I would fit under?

Right, I need to crack on and prepare my notes for tomorrow.

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